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Company Profile

Engineering services

Our company undertakes issuing of all:

  • sort of clearances
  • industrial/ technical studies
  • patent certification
  • safety engineering services

with registration in Singapore in cooperation with IQCS R & D Pte Ltd

Marketing services


Degust LTD

Dear friends,

Enterprises exist because customers exist. In order for a customer to choose your company, he should be assured that he would be well serviced. To be sure that his product will be delivered right, on the predetermined date, at the right price and it will cover some other criteria that he would never tell you,  perhaps you would have never thought of, but the customer will always imply.

These criteria and attributes apart from the expressed quality characteristics can be called TRUST, CONFIDENCE, PROTECTION.

This is a sense that the customer must feel: that you stand by him. This is the real meaning of QUALITY that can not be described- it can be only radiated as heat and light.

In order for you to achieve this, your company should have enough gravity. Enough gravity to control and hold the customer in an orbit around your company, exactly like a big star locks its own planet system in predetermined orbit around it, for millions of years.

We have created DEGUST LTD just for you, who desire to develop your company through product/ services and system certification, accreditation, approved and qualified training, marketing and many other services, effectively and fast, through a one shop stop service in order to develop strong customer relations.

Sincerely yours,